Conservatories - Everglade
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Everglade have been successfully designing, manufacturing and installing Conservatories to create an extra room with an alternative outlook.

Adding a Conservatory to your home not only provides a great sense of light and space, it will also become one of the most versatile living areas of your home – with endless uses; dining room, playroom, office, garden room or even a second lounge. The structure comprises at least 75% translucent material in the roof, and at least 50% translucent material in the wall area. The sides can be full height windows or can feature windows set on top of a small wall, known as a dwarf wall.


Whatever your preference, be it Edwardian or Georgian, glass roof or polycarbonate; Everglade offers a unique service to provide you with a secure and stunning addition to your home. Using Veka Profile, our commitment to performance continues in our conservatory range, providing expertise from start to finish using high-class tradesmen to ensure our clients are completely satisfied.


Everglade have recently started manufacturing, designing and installing an increased number of Orangeries.

We can create an Orangery to your specification, individually made to perfectly suit your property. As an alternative to a traditional Conservatory, they differ in a number of small subtle ways. In general an orangery will have more brickwork than a Conservatory along with a slightly different roof structure, which gives you the option of lighting from the ceiling, rather than the wall lighting required in a conventional Conservatory.

Roof Lanterns

Replacing flat roofs with a stylish lantern will make a dark room feel bright and open. Our lanterns come in a variety of shapes: Octagonal, square, Pyramid or the traditional double hipped.