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Everglade make doors that are designed and manufactured to complement your home.

With a wide collection of doors ranging from UPVC and Composite Doors, to French Doors and Bi-Folding doors that allow you to bring the garden, and beyond, into your home, an Everglade door gives excellent energy ratings and security to give you an added peace of mind.


Each door is customisable, providing you with an opportunity to make that first impression count, and to input your own personality on to your home, creating a unique entrance that you can be proud of.

Bi Folding Doors

What separates a Bi-Folding Door from a French Door, or a Sliding Patio?

When fully opened, a Bi-Folding Door can create up to a 90% opening, which means you can open up your home and bring the garden in, providing plenty of light. Bi-Fold Doors can be manufactured up to 6 metres wide and 2.5 metres high, which means you do not have to mullion or transom rails if you do not wish.


The new Imagine Bi-Fold system by Everglade is available with up to seven doors, and configurations to suit the style you are looking for. All the Imagine products are available in a choice of colours and finishes to compliment the rest of the Everglade range, and your home.

Composite Doors

We have put together a comprehensive selection of Composite Doors, consisting of a whole range of designs, colours and glazing options to provide you with all the choice you need to select your perfect door.


A Composite Door from Everglade provides advanced security options, with Winkhaus/Maco Hook Locks that are fitted as standard, both lock options come in lever/lever or lever/pad and a handle free option is also available, as well as night latches for those who prefer a more traditional appearance.


Everglade are committed to providing a door that stands out from the rest, and the options for personalisation are endless. Choose from a range of 21 styles, including a bespoke design service on selected styles, over 3000 glazing combinations and a choice of colours. Further personalisation is available, with a range of chrome or gold hardware including letterboxes, doorknockers and spy holes.

French Doors

For a more traditional, stylish, appearance, choose French Doors from Everglade. Opening from the centre, French Doors maximise the area that you may require for access in to your home, as well as providing the interior of your property with plenty of natural light, giving a spacious feel to your home.


As with all Everglade products, our French Doors are expertly fabricated but also have top quality, high specification hardware and security features to keep your home safe, including Maco hook locks, SFS door hinges and Fab and Fix door handles.


Everglade’s technically advanced products mean you can bring the garden into your home, without bringing the weather in with it.

Patio Doors

Everglade provide a range of Patio Doors that combine contemporary simplicity, style, functionality and choice, along with the highest level of security.


Sliding Patio Doors allow maximum light into your home, bringing a sense of space and offering a way to bridge the gap between your home and garden. The perfect choice where space is an issue, as the opening door slides back on itself, there is no clearance required for the door to be open.


An Everglade Sliding Patio comes with anti-lift/sash stabilising trim for increased security, also providing assistance in the location of the lock into the keep plate. The Sliding Patios are bespoke, and available in a variety of colours and designs to suit your requirements